Physical activity promotes fitness and healthy life. Multiple studies have shown that a combination of outdoor exposure and exercise can do wonders for the human body’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Cycling is one such activity that comes up again and again as it has been proven beneficial for improved joint mobility to a better posture. It is a healthy, low-impact, and environment-friendly activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

While people have devised a connection between exercising and its effects on mental health, your two-wheeled habit can also help curb the majority of your mental stressors…

With businesses increasing their reliance on technology for innumerable purposes, there are various reasons contributing to the technology transfer, right from the globalization of the business, protection of the intellectual property to the liberalization of various economies across the world. Consequently, the diffusion of technology and technical assets are essential for determining a business’s future course of action. That is why the term “technology transfer” has come into being which implies dissemination of skills, knowledge, and other technical know-how from its owners to others (employees and other players in the organization). …


Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once regarded as a sci-fi movie phenomenon, but it has now become a subject that we discuss on a daily basis. The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform everyday business practices and strategies has not only piqued people’s interest around the world but has also sped up acceptance.

Still, first and foremost, what exactly is artificial intelligence (AI)?

AI plays a critical role in cognitive automation in terms of saving time, lowering costs, increasing performance, and improving accuracy. By automating various time-consuming processes and assisting with business forecasts, it saves us time and money.

Business economies depend heavily on technological advancements, and technological diffusion is crucial in determining the companies’ future. The term “technology transfer” refers to the movement of an organization’s data, skills, know-how, and other valuable assets. Economists have long recognized that technology transfer is at the heart of global growth and that the amount and nature of such transfers influences both developed and developing countries’ success. Economists have recently begun to recognize the substantial effect of foreign technology transfer on the economy’s size and patterns.

The Concept of Technology Transfer:

The process of disseminating knowledge, skills, and other know-how manifested in…

Strong leaders are an important aspect of any business to function, but logistics management requires unique leadership capabilities. It is because logistics has a large investment for most companies, a strong leader must have innovative solutions, and optimize logistics and supply chain strategy and operations to have a competitive advantage.
Understand the market —
The first and most important strategy I follow with my colleagues is that I am always investing time in understanding what my market is. If you want to be a king you should always know everything about your kingdom and where you want to rule.
Information is…

Technology transfer consists of three phases:
installation and

These three phases are influenced by three types of factors: technological, organizational, and environmental. The combination of activities with factors enables an integrated view on international technology transfer. We found that the amount of technology, the accuracy of the information, and the extent of organizational and environmental differences have a large impact on the efficiency of the technology transfer process.

The combination of activities with factors enables an integrated view of international technology transfer. …

Technology transfer (TT) refers to the process of communicating outcomes arising from scientific and technological research to the marketplace and to wider society, along with related skills and procedures, and is as such an essential part of the technological modernization process.
Technology transfer is a complicated process that involves many non-scientific and non-technological factors, and many different stakeholders. Good or high-quality research outcomes are not adequate for successful technology transfer; general awareness and enthusiasm both at the level of organizations and individuals, as well as skills and capacity related to specific aspects, such as access to risk finance and intellectual property…

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